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Electronic Cigarette Cartridges

Vape Hut, a North Carolina based electronic cigarette specialty store, carries top of the line electronic cigarette cartridges so that you can enjoy your new e cig. Browse the selection of e cigarette cartridges below and find the perfect electronic cigarette refill cartridge for your Joye Ego or Joye 510 e cig. There are black and white e cigarette cartridges with round or flat tips available at a great price. Each of these high quality cartridges for electronic cigarettes is ready to be filled with your favorite e-liquid. The e cig cartridges can be filled up to 10 times before a new one is needed.

Vape Hut also sells electric cigarette cartridges pre-filled with USA tobacco blend for those that prefer tobacco flavor e-liquid. There are cartridges available for Vape Hut electronic pipes as well. Whatever your electronic cigarette cartridge preference may be, Vape Hut has it!

Purchase e cig cartridges from Vape Hut and feel confident that your order will arrive quickly and efficiently. All orders ship from the North Carolina based store, so you don’t have to worry about it taking weeks to receive your new electronic cigarette cartridge. Enjoy free shipping on e cigarette cartridge orders over $75!

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Electronic cigarette disposable cartridge covers Suorin Drop Empty Cartridge
Disposable cartridge covers
Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Price: $0.99
(Out of Stock)
Suorin Drop Empty Cartridge
Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Price: $4.99
electronic cigarette disposable cartridge covers Suorin Drop Empty Cartridge
What you should know about cartridges

A properly filled cartridge is critical to enjoying your electronic cigarette. Common problems with cartridges are that they are not filled with enough e-liquid or they need to be changed. When a cartridge is not properly filled, you may experience reduced vapor or a burnt flavor. The life of the atomizer is reduced when your cartridge is too dry. You can tell when you need to change the cartridge because you will constantly need to drip more liquid in the cartridge. Most heavy smokers should change their cartridge about every other day. They can be filled about 10 times before they need to be changed.

The best way to fill an empty 510 cartridge
1. Remove the polyester filling material from the inside of the plastic cartridge casing.
2. Drip about 10 drops into the cartridge case (or fill it about 3/4 of the way full).
3. Using a toothpick or your finger, place the polyester filler material back in the cartridge. Do this slowly to allow the filler to absorb the e-liquid and avoid spillage of E-liquid.
4. Finish filling the cartridge by dripping on the filler until it no longer absorbs the liquid.

Flat tip / round tip comparison
Some people refer to the flat tip as a "whistle tip". Round tip is on the left and flat tip is on the right in the photo.