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The Joye eCab is the newest addition to the family of changeable tank system electronic cigarettes. The eCab by Joyetech is based on the design and structure of the Ego-C, but is slim, sleek, and lightweight. It measures 5" in length and is 7/16" in width.

The eCab has the power and dependability of the Ego-C and also features the same changeable atomizer system. It uses the same atomizer heads as the original Ego-C (Type A heads). Like the Ego-C, it is a tank system and produces excellent vapor and throat hit.

There are a few differences between the eCab and the Ego-C. Besides size, the battery structure is different. The Joye eCab uses a changeable battery system, meaning that the battery can be taken out of the battery housing and changed without the whole battery having to be put on a charger. The Joye eCab uses a separate rechargeable 10440 360 mah battery, so it lasts a little longer than the Joye 510 mega battery but not as long as the larger Ego series batteries. The battery has constant voltage output of 3.3V. When the battery drops below 3.3V, the battery will shut down and it will be replaced with a freshly charged battery. The battery does use the 5-click on/off protection system like the Ego-C batteries.

The Joye eCab starter kit comes with:

1 Battery housing w/cap,
2 10440 360mAh rechargeable batteries,
1 Atomizer cone,
2 Changeable Atomizer heads (standard resistance),
2 Empty tank cartridges, and
1 Two port battery charger for 10440 batteries.

PLEASE NOTE: The Joye eCab is not 510 threaded, meaning it won't work with Ego or 510 parts. It can only be used with eCab parts, except for the cartridges and atomizer heads. Ego-T or Ego-C Type A cartridges can be used with the eCab, and you can also use the Ego-C Type A atomizer heads with the eCab. If you want to use our Nova tanks, clearomizers, or cartomizers you can purchase the E-Cab to 510 adapter.

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