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The Joye Ego-C has a few great features over its predecessor, the Ego-T.
  • Changeable atomizer heads allow you to use different heads for different flavors. You can also change them more cost effectively than buying a whole new atomizer
  • Batteries still have the on/off function, just like the Ego-T. They also have the overcharge protection and awesome battery capacity. The biggest improvement to the batteries is the indicator light that turns blue when the battery is almost depleted and needs charging.
It uses the same chargers and cartridges as the Ego-T. The cones that come in the kit are Type A.

As always, the Joye Ego-C sold at Vape Hut is a GENUINE Joyetech product.

The Joye Ego-C is a new product from Joyetech, so some of the Ego-C items are in limited quantities. We will add more of them as we are able to get them. We apologize for any inconvenience.