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Inspired by the astrological signs, our Twelve Vapor JUNO Signature collection is comprised of deeply layered flavor options that are both personal and unique. JUNO has revised some of the flavor profiles, so you may see two of one astrological sign, but place your order based on the flavor description.

Juno Replacement Pods are a four pack of prefilled pods and works best with a rated atomizer resistance range from 1.3 to 1.5 ohms. The Juno Replacement Pods is packed with 36 milligrams of nicotine, browse all 12 flavors below.
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Juno pods are not refillable. Refilling a pod will void any warranty with the manufacturer. Juno Vapor has listed the following as a warning in their manuals: Do not tamper with or try to change this device in any way. The disposable tank system is not meant to be refilled. Any tampering is strictly prohibited.