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All E-liquids in the Vape Hut Premium line are in 30mL bottles.

Most E-liquids in the Vape Hut Premium line are made in a 50/50 blend to work in almost all tanks. If you would prefer your e-liquid in a different composition, you can add a note to your order in the comment box. Please note, a change in the liquid composition may or may not delay your shipment. If there is a delay, it will usually be only 1 day, but could be up to 3 days in rare instances. Also, some flavors do not work well in a high VG concentration, but we will advise you if this is true for the flavor you have requested. If you have any questions, you may call our store at 910 399-8071 or email us at info@vapehut.com. Thank you for shopping with Vape Hut.

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Flavorless flavor E liquid Hot Cinnamon USA E-liquid Hubba Gum E-liquid USA E-liquid
Hot Cinnamon
Price: $12.99
Hubba Gum E-liquid
Price: $12.99
No flavor.
Intense cinnamon
Yummy pink bubble gum
Forest Berry USA E-liquid Wintergreen USA E-liquid Vape Hut Juicy Fruity USA E-liquid
Forest Berries
Price: $12.99
Price: $12.99
Juicy Fruity
Price: $12.99
Blend of berries
Strong, cool and refreshing wintergreen flavor.
A juicy gum ...Mmmmm
Pina Colada Specialty USA E-liquid Mystic Dragon USA E-liquid Jamaican Rum USA E-liquid
Jamaican Rum
Price: $12.99
Pina Colada Specialty flavor made in the USA exclusively for Vape Hut.
Simple, delicate dragonfruit
Caramel cream candy
Vape Hut Cinnagum USA E-liquid Sweet Tart USA E-liquid Vape Hut Dew-It USA E-liquid
Red Cinnagum
Price: $12.99
Sweet Tart
Price: $12.99
Price: $12.99
Cinnamon gum
Sweet tart candy flavor
Citrus soda
Peppermint USA E-liquid Vanilla Cupcake w/ Strawberry shot E-liquid USA E-liquid Pomegranate Splash USA E-liquid
Peppermint E-liquid
Price: $12.99
Intense, cold Peppermint
Vanilla Cupcake with a strawberry swirl
Sweet pomegranate
Festival 2013 USA E-liquid Vampire Blood USA E-liquid Summer Fest USA E-liquid
Festival 2013
Price: $12.99
Vampire Blood
Price: $12.99
Summer Fest
Price: $12.99
Creamy dragonfruit and sweet strawberry blend
Raspberry and citrus soda...with a fizzy bite
Blend of pineapple, strawberries, and sweet cream
Jack Poison USA E-liquid Key Lime  USA E-liquid Vape Hut Tiramisu USA E-liquid
Key Lime
Price: $12.99
Tiramisu E-Liquid
Price: $21.56
Sweet and slightly sour fruit flavor....similar to a grapefruit. Key Lime...refreshing citrus
An Italian dessert.
Upside Down USA E-liquid Vape Hut Happy Hippie USA E-liquid Vape Hut Shucky Ducky USA E-liquid
Upside Down
Price: $21.56
Pineapple Cake
Happy Hippie flavor made in the USA exclusively for Vape Hut.
Shucky Ducky flavor made in the USA exclusively for Vape Hut.
Lemonade Specialty USA E-liquid Marshmallow USA E-liquid Cotton Candy Dazzle USA E-liquid
Cotton Candy Dazzle
Price: $21.65
Sweet summer lemonade
Marshmallow flavor made in the USA exclusively for Vape Hut.
Dazzling cotton candy, lemonade, blueberry
Loopy Mornin' USA E-liquid
Everyone's favorite Loopy cereal with a touch of milk... e-liquid made in the USA exclusively for Vape Hut.