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E-liquid FAQ

What are the ingredients in E-liquid?
E-liquid contains only a few ingredients. PG based liquids contain mostly propylene glycol, which produces the vapor emitted by the electronic cigarette and it is the carrier of the nicotine, another ingredient in E-liquid (if you choose a liquid with nicotine). Propylene glycol is considered generally safe for human consumption by the FDA, and is an ingredient in many food items that we eat. It is also found in shampoos, soaps, and medicines. (There is an interesting article about propylene glycol listed below.) E-liquid also contains water and artificial flavorings. In rare cases, allergies to PG have been reported, so E-liquids are also sold that do not contain it. They use vegetable glycerin, or VG, which is a plant based substance. VG is used in many products that moisturize and clean the skin and is made from coconut or palm oil. In rare instances, people report allergies to PG and may use VG based E-liquid as an alternative.

E-liquid also contains some natural extracts from tobacco in small amounts and natural flavorings.

How do I know what strength of E-liquid I need to buy? The strength of E-liquid you need depends on what you currently smoke. It doesn't matter as much how many you smoke per day. E-liquid comes in high strength (18-24 mg.), medium strengths (11-16 mg.) or low strengths (0-6mg.). It is suggested that you start in the middle range if you are not sure and move up or down according to preference. If you normally smoke a regular strength cigarette, you may like anywhere from 16-24 mg. If you smoke lights, 11-16 is usually sufficient, and if you smoke ultra lights, 6-11 mg. is usually good. At any time you feel nauseated, light-headed, dizzy, or develop a headache you need to decrease your nicotine strength. You may need to discontinue use if problems persist or try switching to a VG based e-liquid. On rare occasion, people are allergic to the PG base in most E-liquids. *Any advice received from Vape Hut customers or it's staff is not to be substituted for your doctor's advice. If you experience any of the mentioned conditions or irritation, you should consult your doctor. You should always consult your doctor before using any nicotine products.

E-liquid contains nicotine. Is it safe? The use of the electronic cigarette is not intended for those who don't already smoke traditional cigarettes. That being said, your cigarette already contains nicotine. While nicotine is an addictive substance, it is non-carcinogenic. It does not cause cancer. In fact, some studies have indicated that nicotine actually has some health benefits, such as reducing the risk of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. It is many other chemicals in cigarettes that cause cancer. Besides the nicotine, e-liquid contains ingredients that are considered generally safe for human consumption by the FDA. However, if you are sensitive to nicotine, or have conditions that are aggravated by the use of nicotine, for example, strokes, heart attacks, pregnancy, etc., you should not use any nicotine product. You should consult your doctor before using products that contain nicotine.

Is E-liquid FDA approved?
The FDA has tested some electronic cigarette cartridges and published controversial results. Use of electronic cigarettes and e-liquid is not "FDA approved". The ingredients in E-liquid from Vape Hut are all deemed "safe for human consumption" by the FDA. You can find out more information on this study in our "Electronic Cigarette News" section. The bottom line is that E-liquid vapor does not contain many of the chemicals found in the smoke produced from lighting a cigarette. No long term studies have been done on the use of E-liquid, but at this time, no instances of death or extreme sickness have been have been clinically linked to the use of electronic cigarettes. Although no long-term studies have been published in the United States dealing with the use of electronic cigarettes, studies have been done in other countries with positive results.

How much E-liquid will I use?  It depends on how much you smoke. Most of our customers who smoke approximately a pack and a half per day use one 15ml. bottle per week with regular atomizers. Some of the clearomizers, cartomizers, and other low resistance atomizing devices burn a little more liquid, so you may use more liquid in this case.

More information about propylene glycol...YOU HAVE TO READ THIS STUDY!! IT IS AMAZING!

Time magazine published an article about a study that was conducted at the University of Chicago Billings Hospital by Dr. Oswald Hope Robertson that suggested that propylene glycol, the main ingredient contained in E-liquid, acts as a "germicidal vapor", sterilizing air and killing germs such as pneumonia, influenza, and streptococci. He says that propylene glycol vapor is "odorless, tasteless, nontoxic, non-irritating, cheap, [and] highly bactericidal. It kills bacteria and viruses suspended in air in a matter of seconds, faster than anti-bacterial sprays. It is a truly amazing study. (Maybe that's why we've noticed that we've been sick less often since we started using the electronic cigarette!) You can find the article here