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Vape Hut is proud to bring you the newest innovative electronic cigarette technology from Joyetech, the ultimate eVic. The eVic is the most intelligent, advanced mod in the industry. There is nothing else like it. The eVic is packed with every feature you can imagine!

Variable Voltage - The eVic allows you to change the output voltage from 3.0V to 5.0V easily.
Variable Wattage - Output power can be adjusted from 2.0W to 12W.
Visual Operating Display - The eVic features a brilliant LED display that shows information in an easy to read format. You can see what voltage and/or wattage you are switching to, how much energy remains in the battery, etc.
Easy charging - The eVic can be charged with a USB cable via a computer or through a standard wall outlet with the use of a wall adaptor.
Huge Battery Capacity - The eVic packs a 2600 mAh battery that allows you to vape and vape and vape and....
510 threading - 510/Ego threading allows the eVic to have the capacity to use all Joyetech atomizers, like the 510, Ego, Ego-C, and Ego-T as well as most cartomizers and clearomizers without the use of a special adapter.
My Vapor Record - Perhaps the most unique feature of the eVic is a software called "My Vapor Record". When you use the eVic, the intelligent battery records your vaping habits and patterns from the first day it is used. You can then connect the battery to your computer and see your usage stats displayed. When updates are released for the battery software, you will be able to update your software. Very smart...and only from Joyetech, the leader in electronic cigarettes.

The eVic kit includes:

1 eVic control head
1 eVic battery tube (Size:length 124mm; diameter 23mm)
1 unprotected Li-ion 18650 2600mAh battery
1 eVic USB cable
1 Joyetech flat wall adapter
1pc eVic manual
1 Operating system (MVR) manual

EVIC firmware upgrades and MVR updates are available on Joyetech's website. You can access it here.