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If you’re new to the vaping world, common e-Cig terminology can look like a foreign language. Use the following terminology reference to help you familiarize yourself with Vape Lingo:

  • Mod – part of the e-Cig that contains the battery. The Mod powers the heating of the coil so e-liquid can be vaporized. Mods typically refer to devices that use larger lithium ion batteries & have variable voltage and wattage options.
  • Tank – where the e-liquid is stored. The Tank attaches to the battery and uses a wick to carry e-liquid to the coil
  • Atomizer – the part of the e-Cig that heats up and vaporizes e-liquid. The atomizer is located between the cartridge and battery
  • Drip Tips – typically used for looks or added comfort with an atomizer or cartomizer instead of a cartridge
  • E-liquid – combination of flavoring, nicotine and Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin base
  • Cartridges – the e-Cig mouthpiece that contains a filter and holds the e-liquid
  • Cartomizer – part of an e-Cig that combines of cartridge and atomizer. Cartomizers are used with the vaper doesn’t want to have both an atomizer and cartridge
  • Battery – gives power to the atomizer and is typically the longest part of the e-cig
  • Clearomizer – units that do not have cartridges and contains a heater and chamber to hold e-liquid. The e-liquid is carried to the heating unit by a wick
  • PCC – abbreviation for “personal charging case” that holds e-cig components while charging the battery
  • PV - abbreviation for "personal vaporizer" or e-cig